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Re: Thunder Bird Bass Build, non-reverse style
« Reply #15 on: February 21, 2015, 04:12:58 PM »
While I was working on the SG Junior, I grabbed the T-Bird neck to ponder what my next move would be. While looking it over, I noticed that I had incorrectly laid out the headstock before rough cutting the shape. There is no way the tuners would line up with the nut. I swear that this  thing does not want to be built, especially with all the set-backs.

So, I grabbed one of the scraps from this neck blank, and made a nice flat and square piece that would eventually attach to the headstock. But first, I needed to glue a piece of holly to the mahogany. After the glued dried, I prepped the headstock and the extension, and glued it together.

After that dried, I pulled it apart and checked flatness. It seems like I should be able to sand it so that you'll never notice that it was glued together. Until, you  flip it over and see that the grain does not run parallel.

It may end up with a "Stinger" on the headstock, or the whole thing may end up Pelham Blue. I just hope I can wrap this one up at the same time as the SG's. They have priority, but it would be real nice to knock this one off of the list.
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