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JCM 800 2203
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:02:57 PM »
Love the amp, I just wish I could have it as a 2 channel.

Im a heavy player, in style and in my actual playing. I try to be dynamic with my picking, to be honest I have to be.

For my heavy sound I go for this...

Bass: 6

Middle: 4 (6, If I'm wanting some old skool grungey'ness)

Treble: 6/7

Gain: 10

Volume: 2/3 (depends on the size of venue and how grumpy the sound guy is at the time  ;D)

Presence: 5/6

 I also had a boss overdrive 2 pedal over the top to give a little added destruction  >:D

Now, for my clean it depends on whether its live or studio.

Live = dirty clean,

Same setting as above but I turn off the overdrive pedal and drop my guitar wolume down around 2 or 3. Then its down to my picking. I lightly pick the strings and if I add any fills or licks in here and there, I just pick a little heavier and it adds the extra bite or bring up my guitar volume and pick heavier for a little AC/DC dirtyness to my playing.

Studio Clean,

Bass: 5

Middle: 6

Treble: 7

Gain: around 3

Presence: 4

Guitar volume is around 7. I pretty much use my neck pick up whenever I go clean, for a nice fat sound. Pick ups are pretty high too. Humbucker for the neck with single/double coil tap and hot rails for the bridge pickup. Both Kent Armstrongs.