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Author Topic: My Marshall JTM45 settings  (Read 1682 times)

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My Marshall JTM45 settings
« on: November 24, 2013, 06:03:48 PM »
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  • I'll play! This is how I had my settings for my JTM45 yesterday. It is an '88 reissue, and was plugged into an 8 ohm Sovtek 2x12 with Eminence speakers. Normally, I use a Marshall Silver Jubilee 4 x 12 with Celestion G12-T75 (?) speakers.
    Presence: 8
    Bass: 7
    Mid: 8.5
    High: 7.5
    Treble Volume: 3
    Normal Volume: 3

    I used a jumper between the treble and normal volume to bridge the preamp circuits.

    This worked fine with a loud bass player and drummer.
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