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So much for the plan of getting rid of everything, and taking up the tambourine....

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Re: Rangemaster....
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Okay, the only thing I recognise in that pic is the Lyric HG cable. Tell us about everything else!
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Re: Rangemaster....
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I was going to put a bit of narrative in the original post, but the Wife called me to the table for tea. It was a no brainer.... ;D

Okay the Rangemaster. Made in the UK by M Design Haus (would refer you to his website, but he's decided to take it down, and conduct his business on Twitter ...  :-X). A true to the original Dallas Rangemaster schematic housed in various quirky boxes . No two designs are the same. As noisy as buggery when adjusting the boost control, but gorgeous in operation when set.  Matchless Little Monster - 9 Watt  single El84. Oh and the other cable is a Pete Cornish...when I can re-mortgage the house I'll buy another to replace the Evidence Audio.. :laugh:

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Re: Rangemaster....
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Can I ask those of you who remember the Dallas originals, if it's possible to slightly modernise the circuit to make the boost control useable without the horrible scratchiness that appears to have been endemic to it's design? I've raised the issue with the builder of this pedal, and he quite rightly, in my opinion, wanted to remain as true to the original circuit as possible - with all the warts of the original. I frankly should have known better, but quite clearly don't!!!

It sounds like a scratchy pot when adjusting the boost in operation, and is frankly driving me mad. I appreciate that this is a set and forget pedal, and when set it sounds fantastic, but I like to jump between two amps, and have to take the thing out of circuit to adjust it.

Any ideas Gentlemen?



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Re: Rangemaster....
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Yup Paul and I would direct you towards Trev Ridney who's mate built the stunning "TGG Strange Mistress"
PM me and I'll send you Trev's contact details. ;)
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Re: Rangemaster....
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Good thinking Rob ...... Trev would be the one to ask .

Re: Rangemaster....
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Thank you Gentleman.

Rob - pm sent  ;)