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Just joined - and it's a pleasure to be here!

My reason for joining is to glean/share ideas, perhaps have one or two questions answered regarding playing guitar, and so on - above all, to learn more and improve my guitar playing. I'm a leftie and currently have three guitars I use - an Aria Pro II electric with Fender '69 Custom pickups fitted, a Yamaha APX with its on-board circuitry replaced by a Fishman pickup, and a Stella parlour guitar with a cheap and cheerful pickup fitted. This one's tuned to Open G for slide work.

I love playing blues, and am fascinated by the Mississippi Northern Hill Country style played by the likes of R. L. Burnside - just love the raw, dirty sounds and the drone quality this style has. Alongside that, I combine the music of British rock and blues, and write my own blues songs, self-producing a blues CD 'Another Outsider (13 tracks - 8 own, 5 covers). Currently working on the Beatles' 'Come Together' and Fleetwood Mac's 'The Green Manalishi'. 

So! Really hoping I can make friends with like-minded players/individuals!



Re: Hello
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Welcome aboard Peter , you have a nice spectrum of musical tastes I see .

Just going to Google Mississippi Northern Hill country stile and see for myself . So cheers for that one for my tick list  :)


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Re: Hello
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Hi Peter and welcome to the forums. From what you have said, I think you're going to have some fun here, your tastes fit pretty much with what the majority of us are into and knowing a little about an up coming project that will feature our very own Mark Abrahams in full on Blues mode, I'd say you have timed it rather neatly Sire! :) :)
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Re: Hello
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Welcome indeed!
I'm back - am I the same person or just a clone of myself?


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Re: Hello
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Greetings from the Colonies!   ;D
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Re: Hello
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Just now accessed the forum and read your messages. Thanks for that, friends!

As you're interested in the style of music, Johnny-English I thought I'd mention 'You See Me Laughing', a DVD which shows most of the main players of the Mississippi Hill style (most of 'em now dead, unfortunately, T-Model Ford dying last year). Apologies if you've already seen it - but an amazing film, showing how these guys lived/played, and were given a boost by the formation of Fat Possum Records, including a collaboration between R.L Burnside and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. For me personally, R. L Burnside's the main man..

Rob-S, hello! I'm intrigued by the up-and-coming project you mention. Hope I can master the navigation of the forum sufficiently to keep tabs on it!

Thanks for ther welcome guys. Good to meet...  :)