Peddles + Amp....... Strange !
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Peddles + Amp ?? Strange!

I was having a chat with Rob a few days ago , and during the conversation I started telling Rob about seeing someone on YouTube demoing a Yamaha THR10 and that the guy was using a couple of peddles in the chain from guitar then strait into the amp !

Now hang on a moment but this amp is a transistorised    Amp and not a valve anywhere to drive!.
Rob then told me about how well they do work with the Yamaha and proceeded to tell me in detail all about it , Now if Rob had been chatting with just about everyone on TGG then it would have been explained in a way you would all then happily go about things knowing just how the Yamaha THR can do this .

Unfortunately most of my brain that is left works on a similar output as Homer Simpson , I try so hard to take things in ,especially things that interest me ,and that includes this amp , but for some reason after a couple of minutes my brain starts to drift off seeing corn fields or blue birds , drifting on a boat ?.. Anyway you get the gist of it .

So this morning I set my Yamaha THR10C up, and then connected the one stonking good peddle I have left  ? The Strange Mistress  ? ! , for those who don?t know about this peddle just check through The Guitar grounds for it ? It was a special run of only 10 because they only had enough of the vintage parts to make them and that was a Dallas Rangemaster ,only with a bit more control of it .

I set the amp on the Class A amp (matchless ) gain on 12 and the master on 45% ,now that gives a wonderful tone ,oh the amp at full ,  and just work the amp from the guitar volume .
Anyway after playing for a while and getting just the right level and tone I kicked the Strange Mistress  it drives the Yamaha just like my Vox valve amp , Turn the volume up on the peddle and you get some wonderful feedback ? Yes and not a valve in sight . Add stonking harmonics ,growling low end and blues sustain and it ticked every box for me .

I was using a single coil  guitar plus the peddle and amp and I can honestly say that I have been banging out better sounds and tone then when I had my gigging kit and I spent a small fortune on that . Just what more can these Yamaha THR amps do ! :)


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Re: Peddles + Amp....... Strange !
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Another point that must be made. I recently started being able to play again after a rather nasty 6 month lay off from playing at all.

Turn the "Guitar" Volume Knob on the THR up to Flat Out. Blimey, Transformer Sag Plus. Plus, Plus.

Oh... of course there are no Transformers as us Valve Heads know them are there?
Muwahahahahaha  >:D >:D This thing still stuns me even after 2 years!!
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Re: Peddles + Amp....... Strange !
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Thanks Rob for spending the time on the phone , coaching me as to getting the best out of little box of mega tones and sounds  ;D


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Re: Peddles + Amp....... Strange !
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You are seeing the difference between those transistors being used directly amplify and distort the audio signal in a traditional solid state amp and transistors being used to do calculations that are (eventually) used to modify the audio signal in a digital modelling amp. The digital modelling approach no longer relies on the electrical characteristics of a transistor to generate distortion.

However rather than mess about about with theory how about some really simple numbers? I admit I've had to make the numbers up. However the guesstimate is marginally educated and I've tried to *overestimate* the figure for solid state and *underestimate* the numbers for digital modelling...

A solid state amp might use at most a couple of thousand transistors. To be honest I suspect that even this number is way over what most transistor amps actually have since it implies pretty heavy use of op-amps and complex modulation effect circuits.

However by comparison a Vox Tonelab has at least 100,000 transistors and I suspect the Yamaha will probably contain a couple of million (since I've seen the circuit diagram for a Tonelab and the design is fairly elderly).
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