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New spine, preferably with all discs the right thickness and not squeezing the nerves.
New eyes, so I don?t have to look like someone who has just climbed of a world war one bi-plane.
New brains, so I don?t keep forgetting things, but this one has hardly been used so don?t understand why.

Oh God, it?s an age thing isn?t it ????????????? I?m turning into my Dad, the original Victor Meldrew .

Take pity on this old fart and if you  have to reply to any of my posts, please type slowly and repeat till I understand .

Now then ,what was I saying ! ???         :)


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Re: Wanted
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Look on the positive side J-E by the time you get to my age as well as everything you have now your hips will be knackered as well as your knees and this time of year you will have ruhumatiz in places you didn't think you had joints.

Don't worry about the brain, it gives up on its own and you don't even notice anymore. Your fingers will have passed their sell by date and don't go where they went before or where you think they should, but the advantage is you discover chords that no one else knows about.

So look on the bright side.........you will be retired and have all the time in the world to just play--------

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Re: Wanted
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  ;D ;D ;D ;D excellent , thanks for the heads up  :p . Just ordered a big box of tener men pads so I won't even have to get out the chair for a piss .  ;D

The plus side of my brain getting its own dimmer switch  , will have me jumbling up my chords .. Then I can become a jazz player.

Anyone  know where I can get  good absorbent bibs from ,don't want my dribble taking the finish off my guitars .