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Hi All

I have finally joined the 20th Century c1985 and set up a pedal board.  I only use a couple of fx regularly but I got fed up messing about at gigs with batteries, leads and gaffer tape!

Anyway - one of my most used pedals is a Danalectro Cool Cat tremolo.  It has a great sound but now I have got up close and personal with it to include it on my board I realise the on/off switch is playing up.

The problem is that when switching from on to off or vice versa sometimes it cuts the guitar sound right down to nearly zero.  A bit of jiggling with the foot usually puts it right, but obviously it's a pain at gigs.

Advice please?  Is it worth fishing the switch out (assuming I can get at it) and either giving it a blast with cleaner or dropping it in the bin and finding a replacement (anyone know if getting a replacement switch is easy/possible?).

Ideally I'd relegate it to rehearsals only and get a beefier one (Boss?) to use at gigs, but funds don't run to that.

All suggestions gratefully recieved. :) :)
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Re: Dodgy switch on Danelectro Trem Pedal - worth trying to replace it?
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2015, 10:29:31 AM »
My experience of cheap cases is that there is a lot of plastic "scaffolding" and a tiny cheap switch mounted directly on the circuit board.

Its definitely worth opening her up and looking at things. It could be a dirty switch but given neither switch position should result in the sound cutting out and that you said the sound cuts out in *both* switch states its more likely there are other connections within the pedal that don't like the knocks you provide with your foot.

Anyhow opening it up, poking at things and *trying* to make it cut out by wiggling stuff would be a great start in learning how to fix it!
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Re: Dodgy switch on Danelectro Trem Pedal - worth trying to replace it?
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2015, 03:50:34 AM »
Like Daniel said, it's probably attached directly to the pc card. It may be a cracked solder joint separating now and then. Time to practice your soldering skills. If Johnny's back is flaring up too bad, he could give you a hand.
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