A Minor Pentatonic Scale
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Hi All

Have a query with regard to the A minor pentatonic scale.  I am doing the Rockschool guitar debut course.  In that course it gives the starting point for this scale as open A string followed by the A string at the 3rd fret. on the internet the start point for this is the 5th fret on the low E string. Can anyone clear up this confusion for me.


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Re: A Minor Pentatonic Scale
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Hi. They are both the same note. The fifth fret on the low E string is an A. In order, E F F# G G# A, then the next string is A A# B C C# D

Move this up to the fifth fret of the low E string, and you have A A# B C C#, then on the A string D D# E F F#.

It is easier to see this if you can find one of those nice fingerboard charts. If not, it always helps to draw it out yourself.

I always found it helpful to draw charts of all the different scales.

Maybe someone else who has some internet friendly charts could post them to expand on my explanations.

Good luck.
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Re: A Minor Pentatonic Scale
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