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Yamaha THR10
« on: August 07, 2013, 04:34:17 PM »
I thought I would re do my piece about this astonishing bit of kit as the last one got lost!
I still maintain that this has been the single most inspiring purchase I have made in many a long year. The sounds that this amazing box can produce are peerless. I know that there are many other items around that people can and do rave about, but the THR 10 has won me over completely.
Add to this the extreme versatility of the box and what it can offer and I think most would be hard pressed to argue against it?
The range of sounds are sensibly thought out, catering for most situations. Ranging from Fender Twin, though Vox AC30, Marshall Plexi, Marshall JCM900 and Boogie. Effects are Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo.
One also has Spring, Plate and Hall Reverbs, Delay and Reverb. Then add the THR Editor Suite and you then get about the best Compressor I have EVER used on top of infinite control over all effects, either as Stomp Boxes, or as their Rack Equivalent.
Speaker Choices come as Brit 1X12 Brit 2X12 Brit 4X12 or USA 2X12 USA 4x10 USA 4X12

All the genius doesn't stop there either. USB2 Connectivity means zero latency when being used as a Recording Interface. You also get Two Tracks recorded, one Wet (with any effects) One Dry (No Effects), this makes editing so much more simple!! You can make use of the Steinberg Recording suite that comes on the Disc, or of course you can use anything you like.

I have to say, my THR10 is permanently hooked up to my iMac as it also makes for a wonderful Surround Sound System!! Plus..... Plug in your MP3 Player and jam away. The THR Guitar controls ensure that you sit just right in the mix from the outset!! This thing is THAT Clever.

I know Johnny E will tell you all about the THR10C which he has as soon as he gets back from his Hols........ Talking of which, Battery Power is also a huge bonus and you get a minimum of 7 hours use from the batteries if you choose to go down that route.

Plug in your favourite effects too if you need to. Thus far I have found that a Graphic is amazing and expands things to yet another level!!  You can also run your Acoustic through this or your Bass, or, set it to "Flat" and just use it as an interface for whatever Multi FX Board you have. :thumb:

AND...... It just gets better...... The Prices have DROPPED!!! What's not to like eh?? :whistling:
"I am not a lunatic. I have the psychiatric report to prove it. A slender majority of the panel decided in my favour."

If you lend someone ?20 and never see that person again, it was probably well worth it.