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Title: Ceriatone (Marshall) 2550 Jubilee
Post by: Bluesbreaker on November 30, 2013, 08:38:08 PM
The settings are essentially a Bonamassa rip-off with only some light alteration.
Presence 5, Bass 8.5, Mid 7.5, Treble 4.5, MV 10 (fully cranked), Lead volume to taste (hardly higher than 2.5) and Gain 5.
Joe's setting has the Bass fully cranked but he's using EV speakers. I use the new Celestion Creambacks and, while they can take the punch no problem, I've found I cut through better in the band mix when I ease off the Bass a tiny bit to 8.5 or 9.
I use this amp as a one-channel amp using the guitar volume to get cleanish, crunchy and full OD tone. Works a treat. I used to run the amp at 25W but at 50W it cuts through better and has more bite (in a good sense). I bought a Clearsonic Plexi panel set to deal with the volume issue. They don't come cheap but these panels save you a LOT of headaches and aggro from bandmembers, soundmen, and club owners. Now I no longer have to compromise my tone, play louder than before and I've never heard a single complaint about being too loud.
For the solo tone I alternate between two light OD pedals set clean as boosts. A TS 808 for classic Rock tone or a Zendrive if I want a more Dumbley lead tone. Only yesterday I got a Maxon OD820 which might replace the TS 808 soon. An incredible pedal that deserves its own thread (once I've given it the full works at the next rehearsal).