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If anyone is interested it's item 262995265287 on Ebay and will end on Saturday 27th May 17.   There's no reserve and the last time I looked it had one bid at the starting bid price of ?25.00!

Next will be a Marshall JCM900 50w 1x12 combo (4501).  Well-used, but in "TiptonAmps"-top nick (ie serviced by Trevor Ridney aka Tipton Amps).  If you have any interest in that DM me and we can talk about a deal - it'll go on eBay otherwise.



Off Topic / UK Guitar show 2017
« on: February 28, 2017, 01:30:15 PM »
Not sure if any other members went - I know TiptonAmps was poorly and couldn't make it. 
TBH I didn't really enjoy it as much as I'd hoped - I don;t the venue is buig enough
I got there about 12 o'clock on Sunday and it was heaving/deafening!  Bedroom shredders plugged into every amp.....
I didn't feel it was worth staying too long, I was hoping to get a feel for a few different axes, but the whole event was too frantic.
I'll get up early next year!

Amps / Session Blues Baby and Fender Blues Junior side by side.
« on: April 03, 2016, 03:07:46 PM »
To the left is a newly acquired Fender Blues Junior cabinet (with a Session badge now) and I have put my Session clone amp and a new reverb unit in, no speaker.  To the right is my Fender amp all put back together.  The amps sound very similar, but only if I play them both through the same speaker - the Celestion that's inside the Marshall cabinet.  The standard Fender speaker (made by Eminence) is much brighter and sparklier.  The Marshall cab has a closed back which accentuates the bassy beefy characteristics of the speaker.  I'm not sure what speaker to put in the Session cab - for the time being I'll either carry on using the Marshall extension cab or I might take the speaker out and put it into the Session.   Happy days.

Youtube Links / A little EWF tribute - my band recorded last December
« on: February 05, 2016, 05:24:39 PM »
First gig with a new band - not a perfect cover version but seems apt this week.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Video / My band have now perfected time travel!!
« on: July 06, 2015, 12:36:53 PM »
Not really - check out the deliberate mistake in this video of our festival gig on Saturday 4th July.  I hope you can see it ok - it's a link to the band's facebook page.

Hi All

I have finally joined the 20th Century c1985 and set up a pedal board.  I only use a couple of fx regularly but I got fed up messing about at gigs with batteries, leads and gaffer tape!

Anyway - one of my most used pedals is a Danalectro Cool Cat tremolo.  It has a great sound but now I have got up close and personal with it to include it on my board I realise the on/off switch is playing up.

The problem is that when switching from on to off or vice versa sometimes it cuts the guitar sound right down to nearly zero.  A bit of jiggling with the foot usually puts it right, but obviously it's a pain at gigs.

Advice please?  Is it worth fishing the switch out (assuming I can get at it) and either giving it a blast with cleaner or dropping it in the bin and finding a replacement (anyone know if getting a replacement switch is easy/possible?).

Ideally I'd relegate it to rehearsals only and get a beefier one (Boss?) to use at gigs, but funds don't run to that.

All suggestions gratefully recieved. :) :)

Youtube Links / BB King - Woke up this morning
« on: May 15, 2015, 04:27:55 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

There are too many great clips to chose from - but this one will do nicely!

Off Topic / Jazz - definition
« on: April 26, 2015, 10:34:43 AM »
Anything with more than three chords including a couple of minors is Jazz unless it only has three, but is played wearing a bowler hat.  In the latter case it's called trad Jazz and is looked down on by true fans.

Proper Jazz involves singing ideally by a woman who uses hip words instead of actual words.  This gives rise the the genre bebop since this is one of the hip words often used.  Don't ask me what hard bepop, is I haven't got that far yet.  I think it involves a long search for the right note.

Jazz can be hot if it comes from New Orleans (where it's hot) or cool if it comes from New York (cold in winter).  It can also be acid, but not alkaline (do keep  up).

Anything involving a fretless bass and ideally Mark King is jazz funk.  Not to be confused with anything involving Bootsy Collins - this is actual funk.  On the one.

Hope this helps, but if you need further enlightenment, smoking a couple of Jazz cigarettes will clear your mind a treat.

Amps / Valves - waste of time and contribute to global warming!
« on: April 24, 2015, 01:13:19 PM »
It's time we all moved away from our obsession with this technology.

Valves have long since been superceded by solid state technology in all other walks of life* - let's catch up with the 21st Century.

* apart from Hifi enthusiasts for some reason - go digital people!  Ditch the vinyl too.

Valves amps are:

Less reliable
More Expensive
Less Energy Efficient
Slow to warm up

Solid state kit has none of these drawbacks.  Enough is enough.

Electric Guitar / Tone Woods
« on: April 24, 2015, 10:38:39 AM »
For an acoustic guitar, choice of wood must have a significant effect on tone.

But for an electric?  Surely the effect is tiny compared to other factors:

Construction (bolt-on vs glue-in vs straight-through neck)
Scale length - 24", 25.5" etc
Stringing method - through the body, t-o-m bridge, wrap around
choice of pick-ups and their location

Vintage fenders are highly sought after, but dear old Leo wasn't overly concerned with choice of wood or construction method.  He chose wood that was available and a construction method that meant his guitars could be mass-produced by relatively un-skilled people.  No one ever says that an early Fender sounds bad because it isn't made from something exotic do they?

Thoughts folks?

Youtube Links / From last Saturday's gig - Up above my Head
« on: April 20, 2015, 09:00:41 PM »
Our studio recording of this is over on the audio section.  It's hard to get the feel of a live band on a studio recording and its ironic that this phone recording sounds better in some respects!

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Just as an aside - we have quite an age range in the band.  The video was taken by the dad of the young girl on the right - she's about 13 I think.  Meanwhile the lady on sax on the left is 74!

The singer is depping for Becca who normally sings this for us - it's Becca on the studio version.  "Betsy Harmony" (stage name of course...) has a bit more stage presence and a good set of pipes, but I prefer Becca's voice.

Audio / Up Above my Head
« on: April 14, 2015, 10:43:40 PM »
Here finally is a rough mix from our recent recording session.  We did ten tracks in one day plus an evening session for the horns.  A bit rushed, but not a bad result.

Couldn't be happier with the amp I used - my little Session Blues Baby.  The guitar is my Les Paul.

Guitar Tech and Talk / Question about the action on my tele
« on: March 28, 2015, 04:47:47 PM »
I decided to give my Squier tele a birthday.  Linseed oil and some new 10s, some switch cleaner for the noisy pots and I tweaked the action, intonation and neck relief.  A quick blast through my little Session amp and I'm chuffed with it.

It was a super cheap one - ?125 brand new a few years ago.  Nonetheless its a great guitar and sounds superb though the Session amp.

My question is about the nut - do you think it is too high?  And is it worth getting a better one made?  I assume it's made out of something cheap!  Here's a picture - I hope you can get an idea of the gap from this.

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